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General Manager Hsu Yu-Ming visits the Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation for the promotion of Taoyuan Aerotropolis Project

Release date:2018-12-08

To pro-actively promote Taoyuan Aerotropolis Project and foster the exchange as well as collaboration with industries, General Manager Hsu Yu-Ming of Taoyuan Aerotropolis Co., Ltd. paid a visit to the Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC) on July 26th, who were received by Chairman Jung-Hsin (Anson) Liao and President Nan-Chu Lin of AIDC personally, together with directors of pertaining functions.
AIDC is a landmark manufacturer of aerospace industry domestically, possessing technologies in the R&D of military aircraft, aircraft system integration, and parts of R&D for civil aircrafts, manufacturing and assembly of components, logistic support and aviation services. It is one of the few aviation manufacturers in Asian-Pacific region that has the capacity of R&D, system integration, testing, and manufacturing.
In this visit, both parties engaged an in-depth exchange on the planning and investment promotion of the Industrial Zone in Taoyuan Aerotropolis, and held high expectation toward the planning of Aerotropolis. We look forward to further exchanges and collaborations in the future from both sides to realize a vision of mutual prosperity.