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Successful completion of the US tour for promoting corporate investments and sister city exchanges

Release date:2017-10-14

Successful completion of the US tour for promoting corporate investments and sister city exchanges - Deputy Mayor Wang: Expedite the sister city agreement with San Bernardino and continue to promote Taoyuan as a Smart City demonstration area

Taoyuan City Deputy Mayor Wang Ming-Teh led a team of delegates to visit San Francisco, San Jose, and San Bernardino in California, United States, from April 26th to May 2nd and successfully engaged in various activities of city diplomacy that included academic exchange, visits to US businesses, meetings with Taiwanese Americans and US government officials, and city exchange. Deputy Mayor Wang expressed that there were 3 main objectives to this US tour. In addition to preliminary exchange with San Bernardino County before signing a sister city agreement, the Taoyuan City delegates also met with successful businesses in the Silicon Valley and collected recommendations for Smart City development from experienced companies which could then be used for future reference. During exchanges with various companies, the Taoyuan City delegates also presented the current state and future developments of the Smart City project as well as corporate investment environments in Taoyuan to help improve their understanding of the city. The successful completion of the US tour will help expedite various work to be conducted in Taoyuan.

In the “Sister City Exchange with San Bernardino County,” the delegate successfully made contact with County Supervisor Curt Hagman and met with his policy advisor Douglas R. Boyd to discuss ideas on the signing of the sister city agreement. Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan immediately made plans for revisits, finalization of the sister city agreements, and industrial collaboration. The City Government also actively worked with the Civil Aeronautics Administration, Ministry of Transportation and Communications and Taoyuan International Airport Corporation for “Regular Direct Flights between Ontario and Taoyuan” as well as the “signing of friendly airport agreements.”

The Taoyuan delegates also visited 5 well-known companies to promote corporate investments in Taoyuan, namely: Bloom Energy, Fenox Venture Capital, Super Micro, Cisco, and Google. The “Energy Server Architecture and fuel cell system” provided by Bloom Energy offered the advantages of stable output, clean energy, stable prizes, sustainable production, and independent operations, making it the perfect solution for future developments of the Circular City concept. Fenox Venture Capital, on the other hand, can help inspire concepts for creative industries and startups. Super Micro has already established a “Super Micro Science & Technology Park” in Bade District of Taoyuan, and would be providing additional support and assistance in campus security systems, Smart Cloud, and various technological management solutions used by the Taoyuan City Government. Google is the world’s largest search engine. Scenes of Taiwan Lantern Festiv