Information Security Policy

  1. The information security management regulations set forth by the Taoyuan Aerotropolis must satisfy governmental laws and regulations (such as Criminal Law, the Classified National Security Information Protection Act, Patent Act, Trademark Act, Copyright Act, and Computer-Processed Personal Data Protection Law).
  2. The Information Management Office (hereinafter abbreviated as “The office”) is in charge of the establishment and implementation of the information security system.
  3. The office will implement regular education and training regarding information security to make the personnel aware of the information security policy, relevant laws and regulations.
  4. he office will set up a mechanism of managing information hardware and software to allocate and make use of the entire information resources of the Taoyuan Aerotropolis.
  5. The office will incorporate information security factors into a new information system before its implementation to prevent potential damage.
  6. The office will establish the safe facilities and environment of computer server rooms and regularly maintain computer facilities.
  7. The office will specify the access authority of information system and network services to prevent any unauthorized access.
  8. The office will make the plan of regular internal information security audit to check all computer situation of usage.
  9. The office will make disaster recovery plans in order to secure information operations.
  10. All personnel should undertake responsibility for the maintenance of information security, and abide by all regulations of information security management. Besides, people with meritorious performances should be awarded in line with the situation.