Project Principles and Ideas

Planning Concepts: 5 Major Development Zones

Based on the locational and transport characteristics of the Taoyuan Aerotropolis, 5 major development zones can be found as follows :

1Passengers Transportation and Retail Zone

Hotel, Taiwan goods trading platforms, duty-free stores and quality agriculture product retail centers are built around the Dayuan airport metro station and National Freeway No.2’s Dayuan interchange.

2Administration and Business Service Zone

Both metro stations are fully utilized as business and administration centers that enhance business service as well as incorporate government institutions and national arts facilities.

3Logistics and Trading Zone

Combining the free trade port and free economic pilot zone to develop an inter national logistics, freight, and transit center that is inside the border but outside of customs.

4Green Innovation Zone

Based on the principle of “circular economy,sustainable development,”the Aerotropolis employs high value-added industries that minimize pollution and water and electricity usage while developing diverse industries and encouraging enterprises to set up international headquarters and research centers there.


5LOHAS Residential Zone

The residential area is built next to the metro system and combines the eco pond park and waterfront estate to create an excellent LOHAS living environment.