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50th Year Anniversary Celebrations of YKK Company

Release date:2016-10-13

50th Year Anniversary Celebrations of YKK Company - Mayor Cheng acknowledges YKK as a role model of Japanese companies in Taoyuan

While attending the “50th Year Anniversary Celebrations of YKK Company” in the afternoon of October 4th 2016, Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan expressed that YKK Taiwan has brought plenty of great employment opportunities to the people living here and has continued to promote technological advancements as well as sustainable corporate development, making YKK a role model of Japanese companies in Taiwan. Mayor Cheng also presented Chairman Tadahiro Yoshida with an honorary citizen’s plaque on the behalf of Taoyuan City Government. This has acknowledged YKK as one of the successful cases of corporate citizenships which is leaded by president Yoshida’s leadership, and thanking YKK’s contributions to Taoyuan.

Mayor Cheng pointed out that over the 50-year long history of YKK, Taiwan, the company has successfully established itself as the leading brand for zippers in the country while providing many high quality materials in the construction sector. YKK Taiwan currently operates the Fastening Products First Factory and Second Factory at Zhongli as well as an Architectural Products Factory in Yangmei. All three of these factories are located in Taoyuan. Construction for Fastening Products Third Factory formally commenced in August 2016. Completion has been scheduled in September 2017.

Mayor Cheng said that YKK Taiwan employs about 2,000 individuals and generated a total revenue of NT$ 9.5 billion in 2015. This figure is expected to reach NT$ 10.7 billion in 2016. After 50 years of business operations, YKK’s revenues has exceed NT$ 10 billion, making it one of the best examples of success amongst Japanese companies in Taiwan. YKK is an outstanding example of a foreign company. In 2012, the company was the recipient of the “Outstanding Enterprise Award” of Taoyuan City as well as the good taxpayer award from the National Taxation Bureau.

Most importantly, Mayor Cheng said that YKK was able to uphold the principles of “good sustainability” by focusing on energy saving and carbon reduction. Since 2008, YKK has continued its tree-planting program and selects a school every year to carry out these green activities. After the March 11th 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, YKK Taiwan donated one thousand sleeping bags and one thousand sets of insulating jackets. The Company also donated NT$ 3 million to sponsor the “2016 Taiwan Lantern Festival” organized by the Taoyuan City Government, demonstrating YKK Taiwan’s close ties with Taoyuan and its dedicated support for the Taoyuan City’s development.
Mayor Cheng mentioned that there are 179 Japanese companies in Taoyuan that cover various sectors such as the automotive industries, parts and components, chemical engineering, and equipment. Taoyuan City Government hopes to continue its partnership with YKK Taiwan and other Japanese companies to make Taoyuan a great city and the best place to work, live, and start careers for our youths.

Event attendants included Chairman Tadahiro Yoshida of YKK Taiwan and Chief Secretary Yen Wei-Tzu of Department of Economic Development, Taoyuan City Government.
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