Company Name:

Taoyuan Aerotropolis Co., Ltd.


In order to enhance national competitiveness and to boost the development of the International Airport Park Area and Taoyuan Aerotropolis, Central Government announced the "International Airport Park Development Act" on 23 Jan, 2009.

There are 2 parts in the "International Airport Park Development Act", one is the International Airport Park Area (airport precinct area and free trade zone adjacent or within the area), and the other is Aerotropolis (refer to the international airport park surrounding area which was developed by all types of business due to airport activities, such as manufacturing, convention and exhibition, entertainment and residential related use.) The government-owned International Airport Corporation (now Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Co., Ltd.) was set for the development, operation, and management of Airport Park Area. As to boost the development of Taoyuan Aerotropolis, the municipality or county (city) government of where the International Airport Park located, should do a development plan for specific area according to the Regional Planning Act.

Taoyuan Aerotropolis Urban Project was finalized by Ministry of the Interior on 28 Apr., 2010, and was published two days after. According to this project, total area for development will be up to 6,150 hectares, and is divided into two districts, Airport Park Area and Surrounding area. The development and management of Airport Park Area will be ruled by Act of the establishment of State-Run International Airport Park Corporation Limited which is formulated by Ministry of transportation and communications; while as Taoyuan City Government will be in charge of overall planning and development of airport surrounding area, which is Taoyuan Aerotropolis.

As the government-owned International Airport Park Corporation (now Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Co., Ltd.) was set under the MINISTRY OF TRANSPORTATION AND COMMUNICATIONS R.O.C., and run under an entrepreneurial business model. The City Government jumped out of the frame and referred to the advanced international business model to plan and set Taoyuan Aerotropolis Co., Ltd. so that the surrounding area of the airport can be activated and fully used. Besides, the prosperity of local development and completion of public construction can be made with flexible investment plan and management, which will make Taoyuan become one of the world class cities.