Project Principles and Ideas

Five Principle Guidelines

The Mayor's attitude toward the continuing plan and implementation of Taoyuan aerotropolis can be concluded into five principles: • Open and transparency • Democratic participation • Ecology development • Public interest • Industrial Introduction

Public Transparency

By making information transparent, it sheds light on the various plans, decisions and land transactions of Taoyuan Aerotropolis Project, allowing all sectors of the society to review and thus reducing unnecessary disputes, abuse of privilege, and illegal land speculation as well as insider trading.

Participatory Democracy

The impact of Taoyuan Aerotropolis Project is immense, which requires the participation of experts of various fields and local citizens, to voice out and share their expertise. In addition to the due process by law, TCG also negotiated with MOTC for the sake of the people, land, and the industries. Whether it is special agricultural region or non-special agricultural region, the “whole-community public hearing” must be adopted, so that local citizens could participate and reflect the opinions of both sides to the full.


The primary concept of Taoyuan Aerotropolis’ development is green economy. It takes sustainability & low-carbon, cost-effective and social-inclusive economy into account, and replace the traditional approach, which is wiping out the buildings, industries, and population and starting over, with new ways of thinking. The Aerotropolis of the future must be compatible with the existing city. Bearing in mind the concept of green economy, we shall transform Aerotropolis into a comprehensive project that integrates industries, population, eco-system, and urban development.

Public Interests

The promotion of Taoyuan Aerotropolis has to take the social expectations on land justice and living justice into consideration, including social housing on the public land, shared interest of Airport MRT and of Aerotropolis with all, taking care of the youth and the paid workers, so as to achieve the goal of equality and justice and share the interest of development with the society.

Introduction of Industries

As for the plan and introduction of the industries in Aerotropolis, we will firstly determine which industry is suitable in the airport’s neighborhood, e.g. aerospace maintenance, logistics, value-added manufacturing, and convention and exhibition industry. After learning the needs, we will, in accordance with the land planning, map out the introduction of industries for the ease of a more comprehensive planning.