Project Principles and Ideas

Taoyuan Aerotropolis Project combines existing industrial resoures and superior industries of Taoyuan, where these industries all characterized as low pollution, low energy consumption, low water consumption and high added value.

Cloud Computing

Cloud application software, cloud computing platforms, cloud infrastructure, etc.

As world issues become more complex and economic competition become more intense, Taoyuan can quickly process huge amounts of data in a short time, further reveal new insights and drive better decision-making. Taoyuan has rich experience in the development of related issues, including the construction of related infrastructure, software development and analytical consultation.

International Logistics, Distribution, and Related Industries

Because of the rapid development of economy depending on the introduction of the concept of modern logistics, Taoyuan is proud to claim that it has the most advanced and matured technology for international logistics, supporting system of logistics, smart logistics and high-end warehousing. The ways of warehousing of different industries become more diversified, and Taoyuan has already made itself a benchmark with its advantages.

Aviation Support Industries


Aircraft engine maintenance, avionics components R&D and manufacturing,interior components, and airline catering, etc.

Taiwan is the fast-growing aviation market and the main hub of the Aisa-Pacific region. With the rapid growth of aircraft fleets in the Asia-Pacific region but the insufficient maintenance capabilities, it can create the opportunities for Taiwan’s aircraft maintenance industry and for cooperation with international operators.


R&D experimental centers, R&D and manufacturing of medical devices, etc.

Biomedical Technology, which is widely used in health care, environmental protection, agriculture and energy to improve human life, can not only create a better life for the next generation, but also be closely related to people’s livelihood and economy. Therefore, Taoyuan will do its best to develop high-end agriculture and disease research for the benefit of future mankind.

Green Energy

LEDs, solar power, vehicle dynamics and batteries for electronic vehicles, electric vehicle motors, etc.

Due to the climate change, for the sake of sustainable development, it is imperative to conduct the environmental protection and the environmental conservation for natrual ecology immediately, whether in renewable energy or renewable materials, Taoyuan has been actively implemented in every level of life, as in the process of economic development.

Smart automobiles

Power components, transmission components, brake components, R&D of related components, etc.