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Visit by Micron Technology and Inotera Memories

Release date:2016-10-04

Micron Technology and Inotera Memories Visits Mayor Cheng

Release Unit:Department of Public Information-Press Liaison Section

Visit by Micron Technology and Inotera Memories - Mayor Cheng: Excellent companies are welcome to invest in Taoyuan

While meeting CEO Mark Durcan and other representatives of Micron Technology at the Taoyuan City Hall on September 23rd 2016, Taoyuan City Mayor Cheng Wen-Tsan described Micron Technology as a key leader in the global semiconductor industry and Inotera Memories, Inc. as a major subcontractor for DRAM manufacturing. As Inotera Memories has established factories in Taoyuan, the Taoyuan City Government treats it as an important partner in the high tech sector. Mayor Cheng welcomes Micron Technology to invest in the city, noting that the Taoyuan City Government will support excellent companies in this endeavor.

Mayor Cheng pointed out that the annual industrial output of Taoyuan City has reached NT$ 3.2 trillion which allows the city remain the top spot of the national charts for 13 consecutive years. This made Taoyuan the most industrialized and fastest growing city in Taiwan. The Central Government is currently pursuing the “Asia Silicon Valley Plan,” which will greatly benefit Taoyuan’s information, communication, and technological (ICT) industries.

Mayor Cheng said that it would be good news to both Taiwan and Taoyuan if Micron Technology decides to invest in Taoyuan. The city government will offer full supports to Inotera Memories in its phase 2 expansion plans located next to the prospective site of Micron Technology. Moreover, expansion of Tatan Power Plant nears Hwa Ya Technology Park was also initiated. Once complete, the expanded power plant will be able to provide nearby factories with a stable source of power.

Mayor Cheng mentioned that Inotera Memories is located at Guishan District which nears A7 National Taiwan Sport University Station of the Airport MRT. Once the MRT system is completed, people from Inotera Memories will be able to reach Taipei and Taoyuan International Airport within 20 minutes. The city government will also be providing shuttle buses and YouBike to improve convenience and attract young people to work in Hwa Ya Technology Park.
CEO of Micron Technology, Mark Durcan has expressed that they have been working with Inotera Memories for eight years. If the latest deal with Inotera Memories comes through, it will be very likely for Micron Technology to expand their investments in Taiwan. A successful company must maintain a friendly partnership with public agencies, and work together with the local government and professionals to achieve economic development in Taoyuan City. Micron Technology therefore looks forward in becoming a key partner of Taoyuan City Government.
Attendants to the reception today included Taoyuan City Deputy Mayor Yu Chien-Hua, Secretary-General Li Hsien-Ming, Director-general Chen Hsi-Chen of the Department of Land Administration, Chen Ching-Hang of Taoyuan Industrial Commercial Development & Investment Promotion Committee (ICDIPC), CEO Mark Durcan of Micron Technology, Inc., President Rod Morgan of Inotera Memories, Inc., and Senior Director Jon Hoganson of Global Government Affairs of Micron Technology, Inc.